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Top 3 New Skills You Could Learn To Kill Your Boredom.

Sometimes too much free time can also frustrate you. Let’s say you have a one week day-off from work, but there is unfortunately no one to accompany you to a short vacation. So there you go, alone and bored out of your mind at home. At that point, even sleeping in and playing video games have lost the thrill and excitement. You could have been out on dates, if only you weren’t single. Don’t you think it is the best time to learn some new skills?

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Learning a skill can be challenging, but it is worth your time and effort for it. Picking up a skill for fun will be a nice past-time activity because you never know when it could be useful for you in the future. After all, there’s a saying that goes, “you reap what you sow”. It means your present actions are crucial to shape your future consequences. Putting it simply, your hard work to learn some new skills will not go to waste as it will definitely ease your life in another few years.

#1 Learn a new language

One of the skills that you can try to master is learning foreign languages. Do you know that there are more than 6000 languages spoken all around the world? Some of the languages are even so rarely used that we have never heard of them. There are a lot of languages you can choose to learn, for example the Chinese language with 1,3 billion native speakers. Or if you are a lover of Korean dramas, you can always learn how to speak Korean and write in hangul. It is said that it took 480 hours for a new learner to reach the basic fluency of a language they are learning. 480 hours is likely a  good amount of time you can spend on a new language. These skills can be extremely useful when you go traveling or when you are moving overseas. It also improves your communication ability and confidence.

#2 Playing An Instrument

Another good skill you can learn is learning how to play an instrument. There are a wide variety of musical appliances you can choose from. If you love to have a calm and relaxing environment at home, try learning how to play a piano. It is a good achievement if you can learn to play a few songs during your free time. Maybe you wanted to impress a crush, so it is highly recommended that you learn how to play a guitar. Most girls find guys that can play a guitar for them to be a romantic partner and girls that know how to play guitar definitely sounds so cute and sweet. It doesn’t even take a long time to learn tuning and chords. You can play a few easy songs in no time if you are consistent in learning them.

#3 Developing A Website

Website developing sounds interesting, doesn’t it? It’s even a nice skill that you can put in your job resume. There are actually much more to learn about web developing, such as testing and debugging, responsive design skills and JavaScript. However, it is a new skill that will be super satisfying when you have actually finished learning. You can show your creativity by developing a unique website that seems “you”. If you happen to need more reference, perhaps you should check out some local web design. For example, Web Design Malaysia that aims to guide their website visitors through the virtual jungle. 


I hope  you have  a great time reading this article and perhaps are now interested to learn new skills during your free time. You can definitely do it if you are consistent in doing whatever you wanted. Good luck!