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iPhone 9: What We Know So Far

Each and every year, technology enthusiasts always make it a point to attend the Apple keynote. That is because the CEO of the company will unveil the newest version of the iPhone and it usually comes with new features.

But, the company has been mum about the specific details of the phone. Fortunately, there are some people from the inside that has teased some specs for us tech enthusiasts to be happy about.

Besides having a new framework for mobile development, here are some things that we know about the iPhone 9 so far:


Our insider told us that the iPhone 9 Plus will essentially have a bigger screen like the iPhone X. It could possibly sport a 5.8-inch Super Retina display that will offer crispness and vividness of detail to the human eye.

Now, there are speculations that the new phone might not have an OLED display. Instead, it is going to make use of the LCD technology which is kind of weird considering that OLED is much newer and more superior viewing panel than the LCD.

The good thing is that those are just rumors. I believe that a premium phone like the new version 9 should come with a more amazing OLED screen.


Other prominent smartphone brands are already experimenting with more than 2 cameras built into the phone. In fact, there is one company that has placed 4 cameras in total- 2 in the back and 2 in the front. The pictures that were taken using the said gadget is amazing with a clear attention to detail.

Apple, knowing that it is a big company, will probably not bow down to the competition. The new iPhone might sport a dual-camera system on either the front or the back to enhance the quality of the pictures. And knowing how Apple integrates their hardware and software, we could be looking at something revolutionary.

Face ID

When the company introduced the Face ID feature, not a lot of people were happy about it because it is just much slower than the more conventional fingerprint scanner.

However, since the technology has been developed already, what Apple can do is just improve it. We might see a better implementation of the Face ID feature on the upcoming iPhone 9.


Every version of the popular smartphone always comes with a new and better performance package. The company might introduce their new A12 bionic chip which promises better performance across the board.

Furthermore, iOS 12 will probably be installed on the smartphone as well, so you can enjoy the latest and greatest features on the new phone.

More Storage and Battery Life

As more and more people transition to higher quality pictures and media, there is an ever-increasing need for more storage. The upcoming iPhone will probably sport a 64-Gb model for its basic package and the most expensive variant will have 256GB of storage.

On the other hand, battery life is equally, if not, more important as well. We could look into an iPhone that can last for two days, even with moderate usage.


It is still all speculation at this point so we will have to wait until the annual keynote event. Hopefully, Tim Cook is going to surprise us.