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Everything About Vibrators

What are Vibrators? 

Vibrators are sex toys that are used on and in the body to create sexual stimulation. Vibrators are battery charged and come in different shapes and sizes. To create sexual stimulation, the vibrators are placed on and in erogenous parts of the body, such as the penis, vulva, clitoris, anus, and vagina. Vibrators are used to cause stimulation that can help the individual’s orgasm. Since vibrators vibrate, there are some vibrators that have a special feature; different levels of vibrations from low to high. There are a few myths and ways to use the best vibrators online in malaysia sold here safely and a lot of other information on vibrators.

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Myths About Vibrators

There are a few myths about vibrators that you should know about. The first myth is that the usage of vibrators replaces men when it comes down to sexual intercourse. The second myth is that women who use vibrators have something wrong with them. The third myth about vibrators is that frequently using a vibrator causes numbness to the genitals and erogenous parts of the body.

Use Vibrators Safely

There are specific ways to use everything. You have to use it in the correct and safe way to prevent negative side effects. This includes the usage of vibrators. According to the type and function of the vibrator, you can use the vibrator on and in the erogenous parts of the body. Look into the charging mechanism of the vibrator and other things like a lube that is suitable to be used with the material of the vibrator. For example, if you are using a silicone vibrator use oil-based lube. Once you have purchased the vibrator, read the instructions before using it to prevent using it in a harmful manner. If the vibrator is not to be used for anal insertion, do not use it in that manner. As stated before, the speed and strength of vibration of the vibrator may differ. So, when starting off, use that slower speed and then slowly increase the speed once comfortable. Maintain a speed that is comfortable to be used and do not use speed strengths that could possibly harm the body. 

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Using Vibrators On Your Own and With a Partner

You could choose to use a vibrator as a masturbation tool, on your own, or along with a partner. If you are interested in using the vibrator or any other sex toy during sexual intercourse with a partner, ask for your partner’s consent. Have a conversation on the usage of the vibrator and slowly introduce the vibrator into the sexual intercourse sessions once both you and your partner are comfortable with trying it out together. 

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How to Care and Clean a Vibrator after Usage

It is crucial to clean your vibrator and other sex toys after usage. This is to prevent the growth of bacteria on vibrators or sex toys. The growth of bacteria on the sex toys could cause infections like urinary tract infections in the individual user. Remember that when you have used your vibrator with a partner, or when it may have touched your anus, thoroughly cleaning the vibrator is extremely pivotal. 


Tested Ways to Hook a Man

There are a lot of times when because we have been married for some time already, we feel like we are already taken for granted. It is like our partner is not as interested in us anymore. Yes, it is of course common for a husband to not be as passionate as when he was younger. But the love should still be there as if that is not as strong as well, that is already a different story. 

Do you know how to keep your man so he will always be by your side? Check this out:


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  • Avoid being too clingy as men may like this at first, but trust me, in time, they will feel burdened. Your kids will tend to get clingy already and he will look at you as someone who can support him and not an addition to the kids. 
  • Let him know that you still care, not only through words but, through actions. You see, men like it when someone is taking good care of them. This is also one of the many reasons some husbands stick with their wives. Even if at times, they get attracted to other girls, as they are polygamous by nature, still they can’t leave a wife who knows how to take care of them. 
  • Never abandon yourself. You might say that there is no way you will do that, but when you are too in love with a guy, chances are you will sacrifice your preferences for his. It is alright at times if you do this, but it should not be to the point where his preferences are becomings yours already and you forget your own. You will only resent him in the end as you start to lose yourself. 
  • No one is perfect in this world and trying to camouflage yours is not a good idea. Your man has his imperfections as well and for sure, you don’t want him to pretend about it. In time, you will still learn about it since you are living under one roof and vice versa. It will just cause commotions that can lead to a serious hole in your relationship. 
  • As much as possible, you should be passionate. This might start to wane though as your life together progresses. But then again, this can also become stronger if you will make it a habit. Being passionate will surely hook a guy by your side for a long time as only a few can do this. 
  • Don’t try to suppress your affection just because you think it is lowering your pride. You are already married and pride should take the backseat. 


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