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A Brief Introduction to Flanges


There are so many things to learn every day. Even around the house, there are so much to learn and understand. From the cables to pipe maintenance, it can be a bit overwhelming. So, it is important to get a head start in understanding them one by one. Hence, here is a brief introduction to stainless steel flanges Malaysia.


What is it?

A flange is an external or internal protruded ridge, lip, or rim that helps to maximize strength; for effortless attachment/transfer of contact pressure with another object; or for stabilizing and directing the movements of a machine or its parts. The term “flange” is also applied to a tool that is used to create flanges.

Stainless steel is among the most widely utilized metals in today’s world. Due to its physical qualities, such as resistance to corrosion and endurance, this metal outperforms various other metals. This metal is used to make a variety of industrial, commercial, and home objects. 

Stainless-steel pipes are one of the most common items made from this metal. Certain stainless-steel attachments are used to support these pipes.   flanges are an example of a support attachment for stainless-steel pipes. Flanges are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes.

stainless steel flanges malaysia

Slip-on Flanges

These are the most cost-effective types of flanges on the market. The slide–on flanges are somewhat bigger in circumference than the pipe, making them simpler to glide over. Fillet welded to a location, these   flanges are perfect for low-pressure situations.

Weld Neck Flanges

The bulging necks of these flanges set them apart. The angle and width of the weld neck flanges match those of the pipe. This flange is designed to withstand extreme service conditions, such as sub-zero or extreme heat, as well as high pressure.

Blind Flanges

The flanges are used to secure vessel apertures or pipe systems and are built without a bore. These flanges are perfect for pipe systems or vessels that need to be inspected on a regular basis. Blind flanges with or without hubs are available. Internal pressure causes considerable tension, which this flange can readily withstand.

Ring-type Joint Flanges

These flanges are designed to withstand intense pressures and temperatures. Unlike blind, slip-on, or weld neck flanges, the ring-type joint flanges have a groove that may be readily squeezed. The flanges aid in the prevention of leakage in pipelines that transport material at high pressures and temperatures.

Socket Weld Flanges

The flanges are intended for use on pipelines with tiny diameters and high pressures. Internal welds in the socket weld flanges add to their longevity and damage tolerance. The chemical processing sector makes use of these flanges.

Threaded Flanges

These flanges are utilized for certain purposes and may be simply put together without the need of welding. External threaded pipes are suitable with stainless steel threaded flanges. The flanges should not be used in situations that include bending forces, high pressure, or extreme heat.