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Online Casinos in Malaysia and the Gambling Culture

Gambling refers to playing a game based on chance. It is a gaming type that has multiple outcomes, many of which are undesirable. Hence, taking a chance on someone or something that has next to no guarantee of working or paying off is referred to as taking a gamble. 

Gambling is done at traditional, brick and mortar casinos as well as in online casinos in Malaysia.

online casinos in Malaysia

Given how gambling is based on luck and some amount of skill, it has managed to attract a large crowd in recent times. What used to be a rich man’s pass time has become many people’s get rich quick scheme. Since gambling offers high rewards at low investments, many people down on their luck or struggling turn to the game as a last resort, one final effort. While in most cases it does not pay off, there are some, incredibly rare instances where it does. These instances are repeated and reiterated to people over and over again until the evils and the potential failure is drowned away. 


Gambling has become such a huge part of human culture that there are entire countries that cater to the gambling derelictions of the population. A big chunk of these countries’ economy comes from gambling establishments. Countries like Australia and Singapore are among the top five countries that have a strong gambling culture.  Tourist hotspots and billionaire hangouts such as Macaw and Monaco, while obvious candidates for a spot on the list, are nowhere near the top 5 countries or state-cities that depend on gambling. 

online casinos in Malaysia

Countries with a Strong Gambling Culture

  • Australia

Australia has the highest number of gambling citizens in the world. This prevalence can be attributed to the fact that the winners are allowed to keep their winnings in full. Gambling spoils are exempt from taxes in Australia. While this may have served as a breeding ground for gambling addiction in different times, in Australia, only 1% of the gambling population suffers from the affliction. 

  • The United Kingdom.

The UK has a strong gambling culture which can be attributed to the fact that the economy offers multiple facets of investments where gamblers can put their winnings. The UK is extremely strict with its licensing however and each casino, online as well as brick and mortar, must pay for a UKGC license. While the country does have a 1.3% of addiction rate, the UK also offers a number of helpful resources along with rehabilitation.

  • Singapore.

Almost 52% of the Singaporean population has, at some point, dabbled in gambling. The country has extremely strict laws regarding gambling and it can be practiced in only a handful of places. This is due to the fact that back in 1923, when gambling laws were far more relaxed, the crime rate of the country skyrocketed along with addiction rates. 

online casinos in Malaysia

  • Canada

The stereotypically polite  country makes 13 billion dollars worth of profit from its gambling establishments. Gambling is not completely regulated in Canada and as a result of this, any Canadian citizen, from any walk of life, can waltz into a casino and try their hand at the games offered. However, the establishment has to be legal with a valid permit. 0.6% of the population suffers from gambling addiction. 


While physically gambling in a traditional casino used to be incredibly fun, due to the pandemic, many people have started to turn to other alternatives. One such alternative has been online casinos in Malaysia. Regal88 has been gaining popularity, almost to the point of notoriety