How Problem Gambling Affects Families

1. Violence

Emotional outbursts and arguments between the gambling addict and family members can end in violence. Problem gambling may escalate at dangerous pace. Child or spousal abuse may happen when the gambler feels that he or she is cornered. As a result, the parents may vent their frustrations and anger to the kids, while the kids may stick up to stick up to a single parent.

2. Breakdown in Family Relationships

Playing online casino games in Thailand in enjoyable and exciting, but it can pull you away from your bellowed family members. The gambler’s behavior can jeopardize the bond and relationship among family members. When the siblings, children and spouse can no longer trust the gambling addict, the result is the breakdown of family relationships. The threats, not coming home, manipulation, domestic abuse and endless lies all contribute to the destruction of family ties.

3. Financial

Repeated gambling losses and out-of-control gambling habits can take a toll on the family’s finances. Well-meaning friends and family members often try to help the gambling addict by lending money and paying their bills. Well, keep in mind that this is “classic enabling.” This won’t help solve gambling addiction. Once the financial losses worsen, the entire family may declare bankruptcy.

4. Emotional Devastation

The deceit and conflict becomes even more complicated as the spouse tries to keep everything together. Protecting the kids is maybe the most difficult, since the children look to both of their parents for emotional and security support.

Guilt, anxiety, insomnia, emotional security, depression and shame start to afflict the family members. At some point, they will try to refrain from saying things, and hide their emotions, scared that it might trigger explosive outbursts.

5. Children and Gambling

According to some studies, kids’ early exposure to gambling in the family plays a huge part in whether or not they themselves would resort to gambling in the future. Realizing their parent’s involvement to gambling, and hearing about huge losses or wins, and knowing about the existence of “successful gamblers” can impact their young minds.