Disadvantages Of Internet Communication

The information on the Internet is mixed, and it is not uncommon to go online to gain knowledge that is fragmented and unsystematic. Using the internet to send short messages to mobile phones has become the current fashion among internet users. The rich content of holiday greetings, heartfelt words, happy jokes and start-up images often puts the recipient in a happy mood. However, there are also many problems surrounding the rise of network SMS, with some vulgar and unpleasant content and new ways of mischief arising.

Unlike previous media, internet communication is very secretive and the communicators are in a position of extreme secrecy, so it is impossible to find malicious communication in the whole vast network world by personal means alone. From this point of view, it is not surprising that the entire Internet is now flooded with false information. This is also to a large extent the effect of network communication is greatly reduced, and more seriously, the network is now filled with many pornographic, violent things, and in many places, the network is fully open to minors, without the slightest sense of protection, which also formed many parents opposed to the situation of children on the Internet, the extreme is not conducive to the healthy development of network communication, to a large extent, worsened the image of network communication. This is not conducive to the healthy development of online communication and has largely worsened the image of online communication in the minds of people.

Internet communication, while showing people the colourful world outside, has blocked people off next to their computers. Many people who were introverted have become cheerful, outgoing and sociable because of the Internet, but there are also many people who are addicted to the unreal world of computers and even have an aversion to the real world, which is extremely detrimental to one’s development and, to a certain extent, can cause some harm to society. For instance, they may go astray when getting in touch with loads of games and online gambling such as pussy888

Instant messengers are an important means of communication on the internet, but the use of instant messengers is not beneficial to personal development, because a popular feature of all instant messengers on the internet nowadays is the “group sharing” function, which means that people who have the same topic or who share the same interests form small groups where This undoubtedly provides a good platform for professional research, but frequent visits to such places, while satisfying a person’s hobby needs and satisfying a person’s need for interaction, also form an invisible basket for the person, which is not conducive to his overall development.


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