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6 Must-Have Website Designer Job Skills

1. Web Server Administration

It’s not a requirement, but you still need to learn a bit about web servers. A web server is the platform that keeps your website running, and makes your pages run a lot better. Knowing a bit about it can help you avoid future problems.

2. Project Management

Project management is an essential job skill in each industry, including website design. This skill would help you push a project to the right direction, and monitor its progress. If you know how to manage a project well, you can easily move forward to team-manager roles. It can help you improve your career path.


HTML is the very foundation of every website. Not all web designers know how to code, and it’s also not a requirement However, learning this can help you understand the technical work process much better. You can also ask the help of a reliable web development company in familiarizing yourself with this.

4. CSS

While HTML takes care of website structure, CSS handles visual appearances. CSS is an important tool that you should learn if you want to make visually appealing web pages.

5. Good Design Sense

Web design is not a 100% technical job. If you want to be successful in this line of work someday, you also need to nourish your creative side. Learn more about typography best practices, layout principles, and other relevant trends. You need to be able to apply all of these to your work.

6. Mobile Support

At this day and age, more and more mobile devices with different screen sizes are being utilized. This is the reason why it’s important for you to leverage on this trend, and make your web pages accessible in all kinds of gadgets.