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How to Make Your Wristwatch Adapt to Your Outfit?

Wearing a watch is more than just donning it for timekeeping purposes because it can actually help elevate your style. That is why it is important that you know which watches are perfect for the occasion and why you should think about this more than just looking at different watch complications.
A skeleton watch, for example, is no doubt a watchmaking marvel from a pure craftsmanship standpoint, but it certainly doesn’t go well with a formal suit.
Today, I am going to help you make your chosen wristwatch adapt to your outfit.

Acquire Multiple Watch Straps

Truth be told, just about any watch can be worn on every occasion, provided that you meet certain criteria. For example, your watch has to be simple enough if you are planning to wear it either on formal events or casual occasions.
Furthermore, the watch itself should also have replaceable watch straps as well. This is so that you can change the strap of the timepiece based on the event that you are attending.
For instance, if you are going to a corporate event, a black leather strap will surely look good on you, especially if you are wearing the same colored outfit.

Watch Complications

There are some people that would prefer having a watch with a lot of watch complications. For the uninitiated, a watch complication is just some added features on top of the basic timekeeping functionality that all watches possess.
If you are planning to buy a chronograph watch, for example, they can certainly bode well for you if you are wearing it with your gym outfit and it may also be a good choice when you are going to some casual events. But, the same timepiece may not be the best choice for formal occasions, unless of course if you can change the watch strap to make it appear as a simple watch.

Get Multiple Watches

I’ve said it once and I think I’ve said it a thousand times that men should always have at least three watches at their disposal.
The reason why 3 is the magic number in this regard is that you want to have a timepiece that you can wear that is appropriate for the occasion.
Despite the fact that you can change the watch strap and make your watch appear to be a good one that you can wear on a black-tie event, it will still not look as good as a bonafide dress watch.

Also, you do not want to be wearing your expensive dress watch in a sporting event, right? That is why it is imperative that you buy a formal watch, a casual watch, and one that you can use in sporting events and active endeavors.
In conclusion, you not only have to think about buying at least three watches but you would also want to consider buying multiple watch straps as well.
Now that you are equipped with the right knowledge, I hope that you can find the right timepieces to suit you no matter what the occasion is.

How to Perfectly Pair Your Accessories with Your Watch

For a man, a men’s watch is the only acceptable accessory next to cufflinks. Women have much more freedom when it comes to accessories, but a watch should certainly be one of them.
A lot of people want to know exactly how to pair their watch with the accessories that they want to wear and in today’s article, I will teach you how to perfectly pair those accessories with your preferred timepiece.

Choose a Watch with Utilitarian Details

There are so many accessories out there and women want to mix and match things to make them stand out from the crowd. If you are going for that approach, I highly recommend that you get a watch with utilitarian details.
To get some inspiration, take a look at the classic Casio watches that you can find on the market. They are sleek, subdued, but they are classy and can be perfectly paired with whatever accessory you want to wear alongside it.

Match Your Cufflinks with a Timeless Masterpiece

For men, aside from a watch, cufflinks are the only things that you can use as accessories, especially if you are wearing a nice long-sleeved shirt.
For that purpose, you may want to go with a classic Tag Heuer watch with a metal watchband. A metal watchband can really help accentuate the look of the cufflinks.
The reason why you’d want to go with a classic Tag Heuer timepiece is that it is usually made of sapphire glass which means that even if your shirt or cufflinks get in the way, it will never scratch the timepiece. Aside from that, the look just complements what you’re wearing.

A Dive Watch Isn’t a Bad Thing

Now, some people might tell you that pairing a dive watch with a long-sleeved shirt is a huge no-no, but I think that you shouldn’t restrict yourself from doing so.
Wearing a Rolex Submariner, a classic dive watch that was launched in 1953, is certainly really good on any man. Plus, it has 100-meter water-resistance which means that if you do decide to go for a swim with the watch on, you shouldn’t worry too much about it.

Go for Minimalism

If you want your accessories to shine out more than your watch, then I suggest getting one that has a minimalistic look. Ideally, you want a basic watch with just a simple calendar for a watch complication.
As for the color of the watch face, you can never go wrong with either a black or a white one as both colors should match whatever it is that you’re wearing alongside it.

Monochrome is for the Bold

If you are wearing a ring and you want your timepiece to accentuate that, you might want to go with a monochrome watch. A single-colored watch will make any ring that you put on your fingers pop out even more.

Use a NATO Strap

Another great way for your accessories to pop out is to use a fabric strap instead of a leather or metal watchband. In addition to this, the NATO strap comes in a variety of colors, which means that you can mix and match styles depending on your needs.