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4 Ways Responsive Web Design Benefits Your SEO

Back in the day, we can only access the internet using a desktop computer that is connected to a dial-up service. But now, we have insane internet speeds and we make use of our mobile phones to do just about anything and that includes surfing the internet.

That being said, most websites nowadays take advantage of Search Engine Optimization or commonly known as SEO to further improve their standings on the search engine results page. This is so that people can easily find their websites, thus, improving site traffic.

Now, there is obviously a difference in the screen size when you’re using the computer and a smartphone based on the research made by website design company. Your website should cater to both of these devices because, if not, then your SEO will not improve. Google and other search engine giants favor those who are using what is known as the Responsive Design that helps adjust the website’s elements to cater to whatever the person’s device is at that time that is accessing that particular site.

Here are some ways responsive design helps improve your SEO:

More Traffic

Truth be told, smartphone users have surpassed desktop/laptop users accessing the internet by a whopping 54%. That means that they make use of their portable devices to visit just about any website they want to visit.

This means that if you’re a website developer, it is your duty to make sure that your website incorporates the Responsive Design elements so that it will get optimized no matter what device a user tends to use to access your site.

If you do this, there will be more traffic that is going to your website. Plus, they will stay there for a while, thus improving your SEO even more.

Keeps You Focused on Speed

Google and other search engines now favor websites that can be easily accessed and loads pretty fast. The developers have altered their algorithm to calculate page loading speeds and the faster your website can load its elements, the better your ranking will be.

Now, you might think that Accelerated Mobile Pages are better, right? Well, although AMPs are much faster than websites who are employing the Responsive Design, there is still one major drawback: AMPs cannot make use of flashy animations.

Therefore, using Responsive Design is your best bet. That is because it condenses the images and animations that you use on your site. Thereby, improving page loading speeds by a mile.

Improved User Experience

The user experience is definitely one of the criteria of a good website SEO. When you’re creating your official site, you have to put your visitors in mind. How can you give that lasting first impression? Well, you can start incorporating better web design elements.

For example, you could start adding more images, using a readable font, and making your site’s navigation a lot easier for them.

You do not want your users to be zooming in and out just to read your content, so be sure to not overlook this as well.

It Eliminates Duplicate Content

Some website administrators foolishly believe that they can trick the search engine algorithm by creating a website for desktop and another one for mobile users. However, it has become smarter than that as it can tell if you’re doing this thing or not. If proven guilty, your SEO will suffer.

But, Responsive Design can help you a lot. Instead of having two websites, it creates one website only and your content will not be deemed as a duplicate since RD treats it as one entity.

So no matter what device a person is using, it is going to be optimized in their displays.

SEO Mistakes Even the Experts Make

Do you want to improve your business’ digital marketing strategy? It might seem complicated, but trust me, it is very manageable. The best approach to do is start from the basics of search engine optimization. You can also take note of the following list. Below are 8 common mistakes that even seo expert specialist still make.

1.Presenting a Poor Internal Link Structure

As your web pages increase in size with more unique content, you are sure to come across some internal linking errors. This includes everything 404 page errors to producing mass duplicate content.

Most professionals overlook internal linking structures. What they don’t realize is that it serves a crucial function in every SEO and UX strategy. Make sure to reevaluate your website structure and architecture while utilizing good keyword research.

2.Creating Content for Content’s Sake

We all know that we need to produce unique content regularly to increase our brand’s authority and exposure. Though, sometimes, we end up creating content just to have more and more of it. This is very wrong, and can lead to useless, poor quality content and wasted resources. Remember, you need to make compelling, optimized content for your digital assets.

3.Not Investing in Link-Worthy Content

Link building is a very important strategy for all agencies. Are you pursuing mass links through manual outreach, influential marketing and guest posting? Then, you are engaging into something resource intensive and costly.

Instead of investing lots of time doing this, you must invest in a content that can generate several links in one day of writing. Look into creating long-form content. It adds more value to the industry, and to your business.

4.Failing to Reach Customers with Your Content

Every business should implement a good strategy to promote their content to their target audience. It is a fact that several businesses fail to invest in content promotion. Sharing posts in social media is not enough—there is the need to explore paid advertising. If you are looking into new sales and leads, implement new paid social campaigns and keyword-optimized hashtags.

5.Optimizing for the Wrong Keywords

Your long-form content will not get you any new leads or sales if it fails to drive large-scale traffic to your website. Make sure to optimize your content using the right keywords. We all understand the significance of using long-tail keywords for various informational queries, but sometimes, we make some mistakes. We fail to segment competition and search volumes by geography, and we rely too much on high-volume phrases that don’t really convert.

Feel free to use reliable tools such as Google Keyword Planner. You need to know the search phrases that show up at the top results for both local and national searches.

6.Not Consulting Paid Media

Search engine optimization focuses on nurturing and acquiring leads. Paid media, on the other hand, while paid media focuses on acquiring and converting leads. But what if we break all of these down to craft a cohesive message that targets customers in every step of the way? Focus on a unified message. This way, SEO professionals can discover new keywords that drive the most clicks in all search results.

7.Forgetting About Local

Many professionals are eager to grow their business at a national scale. What they don’t realize is the importance of implementing a local SEO strategy. This is a crucial point, most especially for those companies offering local services. Make content that demonstrates local intent. Include city names beside your target keywords.

8.Not Regularly Auditing Your Own Website

SEO professionals often make the mistake of not continuing to optimize their own websites. They always forget to fix the mistakes that pile up overtime. To avoid this, make sure to do a website audit from time to time. This is actually very important after the implementation of new plugins and tools, and after site migration. Always check for broken links, unoptimized meta tags and duplicate content.

Playing Baccarat And Its Basic Strategy Tips

These are the tips for baccarat players that are attempting to utilize a procedure to expand their chances of winning compared to the other typical online gaming such as 918kiss. And they apply particularly to the diversion as played in an online gambling casino, instead of the game. There are no traps here that will give you leeway; simply a word of wisdom.

Must check the odds!

It might appear glaringly evident, however before playing in another gambling casino watch that the chances on offer for all the baccarat wagers are right.

Always Bet the Player

Most standard baccarat tips will instruct you to wager the Banker wager, as it has marginally preferable chances over the player wager. For players following a methodology anyway this is awful guidance. You should dependably wager the player wager when you are utilizing a wagering technique. The marginally lower than levels payout on broker wagers will cause an issue in dynamic frameworks.

Stop when you are ahead

This conflicts with the “Adhere to the Rules” tip recorded underneath yet it is a word of wisdom in any case. Before beginning your session work out what you can sensibly hope to win with your procedure. On the off chance that your beginning bankroll is, for instance, $500, at that point you should make sense of what measure of benefit you would be upbeat to leave the table with. Whatever that number is – $100, $250, $500 or even unreasonably $1000 – on the off chance that you should achieve that sum in benefit from the get-go in the session you ought to stop at that point. You can simply return one more day.

Adhere to the standards of the technique

When you have chosen your framework and began playing, regardless of what sort of run you encounter it is best to stay with the tenets of the technique that you are playing. Except if you hit a fabulously decent run at an opportune time and choose to take your cash and run. You should ride out the cards with the end goal to be consistent with the wagering procedure you are utilizing. Numerous players will get baffled when many bets loses, and after five or six misfortunes consecutively they may be enticed to expand their wagered enormously with the end goal to recover their misfortunes in a single hand.

It is smarter to stay with your arrangement and attempt to be more philosophical about any misfortunes. You’re playing a framework, you know there will lose sessions. Acknowledge it, and pursue the guidelines of your technique. On the off chance that it’s a framework worth playing, it merits tailing it appropriately.

Deal with your cash

This tip does not just apply to baccarat; it is a word of wisdom for all speculators and all framework bettors. You will have losing sessions, much the same as you will have winning sessions. Your main need is to guarantee that you have enough cash in your bankroll to get you through the losing ones. As a rule, take the aggregate sum of assets and separation it by ten. That sum is the thing that you can play in any one session. On the off chance that after five sessions you have not made them win one, it is most likely time to have a go at something unique. What’s more, you will in any case have assets to do only that.

Website Trends

The digital world is constantly changing and lately, we are witnessing several new technological advancements. It includes the following:

  • The popular use of mobile devices in the general public
  • Tech advancements in UX/UI across several platforms
  • ‘Mobile First’ in website development
  • Increased Internet data usage in city centers

Since more and more people are using their smartphones and gadgets, professional website developers need to further optimize for mobile display, usability and functionality. Below are some new trends you should take note of, if you are planning to design your website this 2019.


1.Mobile First Development

Before, we don’t really care if a website is mobile-responsive. Mobile-friendly development is not yet prevalent. Websites are not yet required to adjust to that format. Now, since several users are already browsing through their smartphones and other devices, the need for this arises.

Are you familiar with the burger menu? It has solved various issues on mobile display, with regards to the placement of navigation items on a smaller screen.

Do you know that using icons can clear up tons of space? Instead of adding big images that can slow down a website, you can consider iconography instead. They are much easier to manage and design—even more economical than getting a photographer.

2.Vibrant Colors

As we move towards 2019, we are braver, and more eager to step up our website design processes. Website designers are more adventurous when it comes to choosing colors for our pages. More and more individuals would break away from the traditional website colors, and take further risks with vibrant schemes. You can also use a subtle gradient as background to make your website content stand out.


Understand the significance of optimizing your website layout with reference to real-time Google data. In 2019, we will see more websites implementing efficient SEO strategies. However, it is crucial to align your website content for mobile first, so you can target the appropriate target audience.

4.Integrated Animation

If you want your website to attract more attention, you might want to consider particle backgrounds. This technique will become more popular this 2019, most especially for home pages with interesting layouts.

As you dive deeper in the digital landscape, integrated Animation is definitely a trend you will love. Make time to make more creative, innovative content. As much as possible, stay away from static traditional methods. Once you shift to an interactive approach, you can communicate your ideas to your audience with ease.

5.New Layouts

Many people still prefer symmetrical layouts, since they are a huge fraction of intuitive web design. However, if you are feeling adventurous, you may want to consider trying “broken layouts.” These are asymmetrical designs with distinctive and unique layouts that require out of the box thinking.

6.Drop Shadows

We have been using shadows ever since to create and add an illusion of perspective and depth within our web browsers. This was perceived to be very unpopular for a while, but it gradually made its way back to the world of flat design. Drop shadows can work well with UX, offering users the focal point of a specific product. It creates a brand, new dimension, and enhances a website’s aesthetics.

7.Custom Illustrations

Customized illustrations can actively impact user engagement. Of course, people would be more interested to look at these instead of pure text and boring images. Website content can be customized, depending on the goals and needs of the client. It can convey more personified views, and relatable concepts.

5 Things Successful Event Planners Do Frequently


Event planning is a lucrative career. Once you become famous, you will gain a lot of clients and you’re going to have that prestige as well.

If you want to go down this path and you want to become successful in this industry, you have to learn how the pros do it. In this article, I will go over some things that famous event planners do on a consistent basis.

1. They Check Key Metrics Frequently

There is more to event planning than meets the eye. If you thought the actual event is the end goal, you’re gravely mistaken.

In order for you to even have a successful event, a good event planner will always look at key performance indicators (KPI) to see if the event is going to be what they’ve expected it to be.

They look at the event costs, the ticket sales, the attendee population, the website and app usage, social media engagement, and others.

By checking these metrics, a planner can easily change their strategy to cope with the lack of good results in one or two areas. In other words, a good event planner is proactive and they always ensure that everything is running smoothly before, during, and after the event.

2. They Know How to Prioritize

Event planning is a structured profession which means that you have to follow a set and organized plan of action so that things will flow smoothly.

Since you’re working with a time limit, you have to focus your efforts on the most important things first. This is where being organized really helps.

Make use of binders and mobile apps that will help you become productive. You have to work with a mindset that you have to accomplish something each and every day.

For example, make it a point to reserve the venue today and have an appointment with the client the next day, and so on.

3. They Have Impeccable Communication Skills

Good event planners know how to talk to their clients in a way that they come up with a reasonable conclusion. Different clients have different needs and the event planner can only know what they want if they talk in a more effective manner.

There is no room for error; no room for assumptions. You have to be straightforward and you want to get as many details from the clients as possible so you can deliver the best service.

4. They Know When to Take a Break

Event planning is a lucrative business, yes, but it is also one of the most stressful jobs in the world. In fact, it ranks high up there that they’re joining the firefighters and policemen in terms of work stress.

Professional planners know that they cannot stress themselves, otherwise, they will perform poorly. Therefore, if you’re going to be one in the future, know that you also have limits and you have to take a break just to recuperate.

5. They are “In the Know”

Lastly, professional event planners are “in the know” because they research new trends that are happening every year.

There are clients who will only give you vague ideas, but you have to know how to come up with a suitable solution.

Therefore, enriching yourself with some new ideas and information will help you a lot in case the client doesn’t give you the specifics.

7 Useful Tips in Throwing an Amazing Wedding Reception

Are you excited to throw the most exciting wedding reception party? Well, you are reading the right article. These wedding reception techniques approved by wedding & party planners will help you organize a fantastic reception that you, your fiancé and your guests would surely enjoy.

1. Surprise, Surprise

The most touching parts of a wedding reception are the things attendees don’t see coming. Why not surprise your guests with great entertainment performances during cocktail hour? Looking for some ideas? A salsa dancer, mariachi band or belly dancer would be unique choices.

2. What Tradition?

Skipping all the standard traditions is a brilliant idea. Instead, you can try different reception activities that show you and your husband’s sense of style and tradition. The popular trend these days? Incorporate lawn games in your program. Rest assured that your guests would love the departure from the traditional routine.

3. Sweet and Short

Toasts are all about quality over quantity. Speeches should be inspiring, but not very long. Make sure to keep the number of these toasts and messages to a minimum. Aside from the bride and groom’s parents, choose the other speakers meticulously. Who are the most important people in your lives?

4. Good Music, Good Food and Good Drinks

The wedding reception is not only for your own happiness, but also for the enjoyment of your guests. Make them happy and ensure a remarkable occasion. A perfect combination of good drinks, food and music is the recipe of one amazing celebration.

5. Lounge Act

At some point in the reception, your guests would love to stand up and walk a while for a change in environment. It would be best to put a lounge-like area in the reception venue. If possible, rent couches, chairs, candles, pillows and other fabulous furniture for this little relaxing space.

6. Photo Finish

A wedding reception will never be complete without a DIY photo booth. I’m sure your friends and relatives would love to keep all of the cute pictures. Another good idea is creating an official social media hashtag.

7. After the Party, It’s the After-Party

If lots of your friends still want to party after the formal reception, invite them to an after party. An after party doesn’t need to be as grand as your wedding reception. It can be an informal night out for you and your closest pals in the nearest bar or restaurant lounge.

7 Ways You Can Manage and Maximize Your Content on Social Media

Content is the most essential part of any digital marketing social media campaign. This is the result when people search on Google. It’s what people share on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. With social media, it becomes easier to let the world know about your content. But you cannot simply produce something and expect people to love it right away and get leads from it. If you want to know how to maximize it, follow these tips:

1.Understand your audience very well.

How will you come up with a great content when you have no idea who you are writing it for? The best way to really get to know your audience is by getting their demographics.

2.Give value and be consistent with it.

Providing value to your followers is not limited to creating informative content. You can also give value when your content entertains or helps increase the productivity of your followers.

3.Don’t just talk about yourself.

Many business to business brands have the tendency to be egocentric. Their content is becoming limited to themselves, what they have to offer, and their culture. If you want to maximize your content, keep your customers in mind. Aside from presenting your own voice and personality as a brand, your content should still revolve around your followers’ needs.

4.Don’t be afraid to be active on lesser known platforms.

Just because everyone’s on Facebook and Twitter does not automatically mean you will get your audience there. Look beyond these big platforms and you will realize just how much people are actually using other sites. Google+, for instance, is a nice place to start linking your content on your website.

5.Check how each content looks on a specific channel.

There are different dimensions required for each channel. For sharing videos, there is a specific dimension that works for YouTube while there’s one that you should take note of before posting on Instagram.

6.Know about the key takeaways when using each platform.

If you choose to be active on Google+, consider several points before getting started. First, you need to come up with your own page, include a publisher markup, and stay active in posting back links directly to your content.

7.Use metrics to check your improvement.

The best way to know if you are succeeding in your marketing efforts is by checking your analytics data. Did it create an awareness? It should have impressions and reached as many people as possible. Did it create engagement? It should have likes and shares. Did it create an action? You’ll know it did if your followers signed up for your newsletter and navigated your site after visiting your social media page.

You can be confident that your content will be maximized by doing the right things and applying these basic strategies. Continue to provide value to your followers and come up with a solid plan for each content. Sooner or later, you will see success coming your way.

From Skin Stem Cells to Working Muscles

From skin stem cells, scientists found a breakthrough when they’ve grown the first muscle cells that are fully functioning which can help better understand muscular diseases and how to treat them.

The skin cells were reprogrammed to revert back to its pluripotent or original state, and flooded them with Pax7, as substance that encourages the cells to grow into muscle cells, where from there they grew muscles.

Present and Future of Stem Cells

Biomedical engineer Lingjun Rao from Duke University stated that they took years of taking small steps and numerous trials and errors of trying to grow pluripotent stem cells into muscle cells until they finally succeeded.

The team nourished and provided structural support to their creation which allowed it to grow into full functioning muscles that respond to electrical and chemical signals similar to live muscles. The scientists implanted these muscles into mice where it began to integrate into the existing muscles of the mice – though not as strong as the natural muscles from the mice, it functioned well within.

Their new work opens up the potential to study rare diseases as per prof. Nenad Bursac who co-contributed to the study. Their previous experiments have grown successfully immature muscle cells called myoblasts into muscle. But the procedure would require harvesting muscle tissues from patients with muscular diseases which in this case would only cause more damage. Wherein their new work will remove the need to bring harm to the patients and simply grow muscles from other types of tissue like blood or skin that has been reverted back to its pluripotent state.

Functioning muscle fibers can be grown to an endless amount using this method from just a small sample of tissue according to Bursac.

Many studies about stem cells have pointed out the potential benefits that it can bring like creating a constant supply of blood or even reversing the process of aging.

Though stem cell therapy is still experimental to this point and their clinical applications would still require more proof of success.

This new finding on growing healthy muscles can help patients with muscular genetic diseases grown healthy muscles.

9 Great Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips Are All You’ll Ever Need to Rank in Google

Airplanes don’t crash from the failure in terms of mechanical because of one thing: pilots have checklists.

Before taking off, pilots push several buttons, and use their checklists to perform comprehensive pre-flight checks. Planes have so many parts, so it’s important to ensure that every aspects is working well.

It’s no secret that entrepreneurs can learn something important from that meticulous pilot routine. Are you an entrepreneur hoping to have a strong SEO ranking? You can learn from here. Make a proper list of your own before writing for next article on website. A search engine optimization (SEO) checklist can’t preserve you from burning and crashing, but it can help to assure that every of your website post has a good chance to rank high in the seo optimisation google.

Need new reliable SEO tips? Run your new website post through this checklist before publishing it.

Choose a good primary keyword to be emphasized.

Number one step is pretty simple. Pick the phrase or search term you want to use. If you are producing a content on the best toys for small dogs, you may need to know that specific type of people that are looking for this.

The simplest and most convenient method in doing this? Use the Google Keyword Planner. It is a tool that is free that can display the approximate search for any phrase. You can use this tool for free, though you need to register account on AdWords to be able to have access on the platform.

By using this, you may notice that the search term “small dog toys” has more than 590 monthly searches, which is higher amount than other related keyword combination. If you’re not yet really prepare in writing about this very specific topic, then do more research.

Learn more about your competitors.

Now that you have the search term you want to use and attempt to rank up, try to go secretly and some more research.

Go to “private browsing” or “incognito” mode, and go to the Observe completely at the page one contents and ignore any result of ads at the topmost part. The first 10 or slightly exceed, are your competitors! Read more about their blog and business. Do you think you can you better?

Create good contents.

Know your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Afterwards, it’s the moment on produce something that can blow them away. This can be considered as the most complicated part, but it is also the most significant aspect. Your new content have to be remarkable!

Whether you are producing a content for page on the ecommerce store or a personal blog post, always remember that it have to be better than the others.

Don’t forget to put keywords on your page titles.

This can be considered as nothing, yet I will remind you anyway. All page titles should contain keywords. It doesn’t have to be the exact words, nevertheless it can be!

Moreover, your page titles should also be as attractive as possible up until the readers will eventually want to tap on it! A really nice example would be a post from PT of He wrote a quality content about “making an extra money” and rather than writing a boring title such as “Make Extra Money,” he made a list and entitled it “52 Ways to Make Extra Money Fast.”

Put keywords in your headers.

Organize your webpages and let it have a huge title at the top part, continued with many sub-headers all throughout the webpage. This is really useful not only limited for those skimming blog articles, but also in displaying to Google what exactly your content is all about. It is important to use the exact keyword phrases, or at least once in the sub-header part.

Put your keywords in the image names and alt-tags.

If the content of your blog has a lot of images, use those photos to stick the idea on Google about the post subject. Here are 2 ways to do this:

1.The image alt tag

Your image’s “alt tag” is something you address after uploading the photo to your blog or website. The alt tag is basically the text your web browser will display if the image can’t load for some reason.

2.The name of the image

How to change the image name? Simply modify or revise the image name on the computer before upload it. Rather than a file named “28435274.jpg,” just change its name to “small-dog-toys-34.jpg.”

Use your keywords in your URLs and in your posts.

Other method for Google to identify what your content is all about? Through its URL. We are focusing on what comes next after the”.com” or (or .org, .net—whatever you are using) in your URL.

Here is an example, among the URLs which one would you thing that Google would like more, in determining to show or not at a certain web page?

Did you say the first one? You’re right! While the second one will not destroy your SEO strategy fully, yet the first one really helps Google know what your post is exactly about.

Put internal links.

It is important for the best content for SEO to be linked internally to your other webpages. This means there is a need for you return on your old posts and simply revise it again. They should also include any related links to your incredible new content.

Lastly, remember the most significant tip for SEO: Having external links!

Finally, we are here to the most important reminder: external links.

What are external links? External link are link from website other from yours. Search engines like Google majorly depends on these external links to know how good the particular content is.

Bloggers simply speak about their skills and knowledge all they long, but most of the time, no one would believe them. However, once other influencers start bragging about their fellow online personalities, many readers would definitely notice. This will definitely get their attention.

Creating quality content would, no doubt will get you some of the links. However, in the long run, you still need to do link building. Link building means connecting to other website or to other content creators and website owners to ask for their links.

Do you think you’ll find this checklist useful? It may not include anything and everything a person should know about SEO, however, by simply following it, you’ll definitely see website content get their much-needed SEO traffic.

iPhone 9: What We Know So Far

Each and every year, technology enthusiasts always make it a point to attend the Apple keynote. That is because the CEO of the company will unveil the newest version of the iPhone and it usually comes with new features.

But, the company has been mum about the specific details of the phone. Fortunately, there are some people from the inside that has teased some specs for us tech enthusiasts to be happy about.

Besides having a new framework for mobile development, here are some things that we know about the iPhone 9 so far:


Our insider told us that the iPhone 9 Plus will essentially have a bigger screen like the iPhone X. It could possibly sport a 5.8-inch Super Retina display that will offer crispness and vividness of detail to the human eye.

Now, there are speculations that the new phone might not have an OLED display. Instead, it is going to make use of the LCD technology which is kind of weird considering that OLED is much newer and more superior viewing panel than the LCD.

The good thing is that those are just rumors. I believe that a premium phone like the new version 9 should come with a more amazing OLED screen.


Other prominent smartphone brands are already experimenting with more than 2 cameras built into the phone. In fact, there is one company that has placed 4 cameras in total- 2 in the back and 2 in the front. The pictures that were taken using the said gadget is amazing with a clear attention to detail.

Apple, knowing that it is a big company, will probably not bow down to the competition. The new iPhone might sport a dual-camera system on either the front or the back to enhance the quality of the pictures. And knowing how Apple integrates their hardware and software, we could be looking at something revolutionary.

Face ID

When the company introduced the Face ID feature, not a lot of people were happy about it because it is just much slower than the more conventional fingerprint scanner.

However, since the technology has been developed already, what Apple can do is just improve it. We might see a better implementation of the Face ID feature on the upcoming iPhone 9.


Every version of the popular smartphone always comes with a new and better performance package. The company might introduce their new A12 bionic chip which promises better performance across the board.

Furthermore, iOS 12 will probably be installed on the smartphone as well, so you can enjoy the latest and greatest features on the new phone.

More Storage and Battery Life

As more and more people transition to higher quality pictures and media, there is an ever-increasing need for more storage. The upcoming iPhone will probably sport a 64-Gb model for its basic package and the most expensive variant will have 256GB of storage.

On the other hand, battery life is equally, if not, more important as well. We could look into an iPhone that can last for two days, even with moderate usage.


It is still all speculation at this point so we will have to wait until the annual keynote event. Hopefully, Tim Cook is going to surprise us.