6 Brilliant Steps Towards Successfully Changing Your Website Hosting Provider

Implement local backups for the website.

Prepare your backup first before calling your current website hosting company that their services are no longer needed. Copy all of your scripts and files, and copy everything in another local computer that you own. Also, don’t forget to get the private key for your SSL certificate

Look for a new website hosting provider.

Look for a new, adequate web hosting provider. One of the most crucial things you should do is figure out your goals, and the most suitable web hosting package that can fulfill them. Evaluate your website’s configuration, and all software details. Your new service must be able to accommodate all of these. 

Get a domain name registration information.

Look for a reliable WHOIS platform, where you can confirm if you are named as the administrative contract of the domain name that you have put. If not, then, you are at the mercy of your previous host for that specific domain name. This is the reason why you must walk away from the deal smoothly, and leave every detail on neutral terms. 

Transfer your website to a new host.

Load all your files and database into the servers of your new website host. Find a host that can provide you a part-time domain. You can use this for testing sessions until you are 100% ready to switch. It is important to change the path details that include links or script, you they can all function well.

Update your domain information.

Are you looking for the best web hosting in Malaysia? You better choose a service that can help you deal efficiently with domain information. Remember, if you shift to a different provider, and you failed to name yourself as administrative contact holder, then you will have problems in the future. Make sure that you alone have administrative rights. 

Cancel your old website hosting service.

After switching your website’s domain name, testing it, and putting it to work, it’s finally time to send an email to your old web hosting provider to tell them that it’s over. Review your contact properly, so you wouldn’t get into some loopholes.