6 Actionable Affiliate Marketing Strategies and Tips You Can Use This 2019

1. Keep in mind that payout is not everything.

Thinking of how to earn extra income online in Malaysia? If you are an affiliate marketing newbie, you need to do a bit of research as to why the payouts are high. Coordinate well with your account manager about the payouts.

2. Reward customers who always refer friends.

Remember that word of mouth is still the best approach to generate more sales and business. The most convenient way to do this is through a customer referral program. ReferralCandy is a reliable plugin you can integrate to your eCommerce store. It allows you to customize rewards for some customers who love referring their friends.

3. Outrank the competition.

Many affiliate marketers focus their efforts on SEO in order to gain more traffic. Just continue creating quality content to encourage people to stay on your pages a lot longer. Apart from implementing a good SEO strategy, you should focus on putting together a vast email list.

4. Do comprehensive research.

Always look for attention-grabbing affiliate ads as you browse the world wide web. Keep a Pinterest board or document of good ads that you can look back to as a reference. This can help you in several ways, and can help you stay inspired.

5. Choose a profitable affiliate program.

There are several products you can promote, but you will only be successful if you choose products that appeal to your own niche. See to it that you have enough influence and experience in that segment to make a positive impact.

6. Utilize low-cost, reliable tools for your marketing campaigns.

If you want to earn money at very low costs, turn to affiliate marketing. You can even make it even more easy and convenient by using free email marketing tools like MailChimp. This would allow you to establish your own email list, and send out lots of newsletters.