5 Things Successful Event Planners Do Frequently


Event planning is a lucrative career. Once you become famous, you will gain a lot of clients and you’re going to have that prestige as well.

If you want to go down this path and you want to become successful in this industry, you have to learn how the pros do it. In this article, I will go over some things that famous event planners do on a consistent basis.

1. They Check Key Metrics Frequently

There is more to event planning than meets the eye. If you thought the actual event is the end goal, you’re gravely mistaken.

In order for you to even have a successful event, a good event planner will always look at key performance indicators (KPI) to see if the event is going to be what they’ve expected it to be.

They look at the event costs, the ticket sales, the attendee population, the website and app usage, social media engagement, and others.

By checking these metrics, a planner can easily change their strategy to cope with the lack of good results in one or two areas. In other words, a good event planner is proactive and they always ensure that everything is running smoothly before, during, and after the event.

2. They Know How to Prioritize

Event planning is a structured profession which means that you have to follow a set and organized plan of action so that things will flow smoothly.

Since you’re working with a time limit, you have to focus your efforts on the most important things first. This is where being organized really helps.

Make use of binders and mobile apps that will help you become productive. You have to work with a mindset that you have to accomplish something each and every day.

For example, make it a point to reserve the venue today and have an appointment with the client the next day, and so on.

3. They Have Impeccable Communication Skills

Good event planners know how to talk to their clients in a way that they come up with a reasonable conclusion. Different clients have different needs and the event planner can only know what they want if they talk in a more effective manner.

There is no room for error; no room for assumptions. You have to be straightforward and you want to get as many details from the clients as possible so you can deliver the best service.

4. They Know When to Take a Break

Event planning is a lucrative business, yes, but it is also one of the most stressful jobs in the world. In fact, it ranks high up there that they’re joining the firefighters and policemen in terms of work stress.

Professional planners know that they cannot stress themselves, otherwise, they will perform poorly. Therefore, if you’re going to be one in the future, know that you also have limits and you have to take a break just to recuperate.

5. They are “In the Know”

Lastly, professional event planners are “in the know” because they research new trends that are happening every year.

There are clients who will only give you vague ideas, but you have to know how to come up with a suitable solution.

Therefore, enriching yourself with some new ideas and information will help you a lot in case the client doesn’t give you the specifics.