action manga series for online reading

4 Action Manga Series You Would Enjoy Reading Online

Looking for some manga series for leisure reading? Here are 5 action manga series for online reading. Not all of them are completed, but you would enjoy them regardless due to the amazing plot and great action scenes.  

Chainsaw Man

The story is set in a world where devils exist due to humans’ fear. The devils’ powers depend on how big the fear humans harbour towards them. Devils running rampant, devil hunters exist to stop them. Devil hunters, however, are able to form contracts with powerful devils so that they could borrow their power. A Devil might be able to take over a person’s body under certain conditions; they are called Fiends. 

Denji, a 16 year old boy, is the main character of this story. The story starts as he struggles to pay for his father’s debt and dies for it. After he came back to life under special circumstances, he meets Makima whom takes him to Public Safety. There, he takes down Devils with Power and Aki.

The manga quickly rose to fame due to its art, action scenes, and fast pace plot. However, only Part 1 is out right now. Presently, part 2 is ongoing. The animation is coming out pretty soon as well. 


Follow Kurosaki Ichigo’s adventure after he received soul reaper powers from another soul reaper, Kuchiki Rukia. After that, Rukia has difficulties in regaining her powers which results in Ichigo taking over her duty as a soul reaper. Soon, he was joined by his friends – Sado, Ishida Uryuu, and Inoue Orihime who gained abilities as well. The young soul reaper later realizes that there is more threat than just Hollows in the world. 

The manga is completed and the final arc of the anime is coming soon as well. The art style received positive remarks through the years and the action scene has never disappointed; especially from the powerful characters, you will meet as you progress through the story. 

Jujutsu Kaisen

Itadori Yuuji joins the occult club in his school. His life revolves around school, or the occult club or the hospital, where he takes care of his bedridden grandfather. His life is changed when he comes upon a cursed item who is hunted by Fushiguro Megumi. He swallows the cursed item which is actually a finger that belonged to the King of Curses, to save Megumi. Yuuji is later plunged into the world of curses and shamans. 

Action-packed with a lot of (confusing) curse technique explanations, Jujutsu Kaisen rose to fame quickly. Season 2 of the anime is coming out soon and 1 movie is out; you’re not missing out on a lot!

Hell’s Paradise

A group of prisoners facing the death penalty in Japan’s Edo era have a chance to be pardoned and set free by the Shogunate if they investigate an island. Each prisoner is escorted by an executioner who will keep an eye out if they escape. When they got there, they discovered monsters, a population of disfigured islanders, and a group of strong immortals, which caused them to change their objectives and band together to leave the island.

Hell’s Paradise is one of the most vicious action manga with how easy characters can face death. If readers love battle royale, then Hell’s Paradise might be the best manga to read. 

You can read all these manga online at Mangalegacy. There are plenty of action manga series for you to read and browse through for your selection.