Work Hard, Stay Gold!

In the past few years, the number of barber shops in Malaysia has blown up as gentlemen have turned back to the traditional way to achieve the modern hairstyle from the Indian barber shop. However, to find a good and cheap barber shop around Kuala Lumpur and Selangor is not a difficult thing to do because there are many barber shop springing up around us like mushroom after the rain and the numbers are growing. Finding a good one might be hard and exhausting but fret not because one of the barber shops that you can go and get your hair done is at Slick Barbershop.

Slick Barbershop is a group of passionate barbers from all around Malaysia, specialise in grooming men to look great and feel great. This barber shop first opened its door in Seksyen 13,  Shah Alam around 2014 and they go by the motto, “Work Hard, Stay Gold”. Although they are based in Shah Alam, they are currently doing pop-ups barbershop around Malaysia. Stepping into Slick Barbershop every customer will be greeted with old-school British Punk or rock music from British Music Scene as well as the friendly welcome from the barbers.

Slick Barbershop caters to both men and boys (6 years old and above), providing services to their customers from trim to shave and traditional haircut to modern ones in the hands of people who know their tools inside out. Besides providing services such as hair styling, Slick Barbershop also sells hair accessories which includes hair pomades and combs, basically everything a man needs to look and feel great about themselves. Unlike other barber shops, Slick actively join a few community events to promote their brand among the younger generations. Some of the community events are Tempatan Fest and Kelab Rakan Muda.

For any inquiries, do call them at +603-5523 8909 or check out their Facebook for more details.